Name- Crystalheart
Gender- Female
Age (In Moons)- 6 moons
Alliance/Clan- Wind Clan
Rank- Kit

Image/Picture- Untitled+design_1515099303.png

Description- Crystalheart is a small cat. She has long fur that is soft and fluffs up when she is scared or nervous. Most of her fur is a silver-blue with a black classic tabby pattern. The only exception is her white paws. Her eyes are bright green.

Attitude/Personality- Crystalheart is an introverted cat who has a lonely backstory. She is shy and doesn't like talking to other cats very much. Despite this, if you manage to gain her friendship she is very loyal, faithful, caring, and protective. Despite her shyness, she is very brave and can face her fears... well, fearlessly. Because of her mom's death and father's absence, she is very sad most of the time. Along with being depressed, she is often haunted by dreams (which she considers to simply be figments of imagination, not from Star Clan). They are often themed as rejection or lost love, as she is very romantic.

History/Past- She was born from a queen who died when she was born and a rogue male. She's been in the clan her whole life. Since she is so shy she never really made any friends so she's normally pretty lonely.

Other- N/A

Theme Song- Coldest Winter (performed by Pentatonix)

Example Of Role-Playing- (from another roleplay I did on a different website) Rev shoved the last item of random clothing she needed for the vacation. Her dog, Darcy, sniffed at the suitcase as she zipped it up. Done, she thought happily and shoved the suitcase out of her way. She stood and left her room, leaning over the hallway banister to see her mom. "Are they coming over before we leave?" Of course, she meant the Daryns. Darcy walked over and leaned against her. Rev, not expecting the sudden weight of a large black lab, stumbled before catching herself. Atticus popped out of his room and leaned over the banister next to his sister, waiting for their mother's answer.

"Yeah," their dad called up to them. "Mom's busy." Atticus, satisfied with the answer, ran down the stairs. Rev paused, then walked down after him. "Where's Juliet and Scout?" she asked her father. He shrugged. "Check the basement." Walking down into the basement, she found both cats and her mom. Rev picked Scout up and petted her. "Mom." Rev's mother looked up. "Hm?" "You moved my pills." Her mom nodded. "Check the bag on the kitchen table. Rev went back upstairs, Scout on her shoulder and Juliet following, and grabbed the medicine bottle out of the Ziplock bag on the table. The pills were for her epilepsy. She swallowed them without water and went to the living room. She sat on the couch and picked up her book. Soon both cats and Darcy were on the large couch with her. Atticus came in and stuck his tongue out at her. "Not fair that you always get the cats." Smirking vaguely, Rev continued reading.

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