This site is a warriors role play so please use these terms while you role play. ALL of these are straight out of the Field Guide, written by Erin Hunter
General Terms

[li] Crowfood - A dead prey animal that has begun to rot.

[/li][li] Cutter - A veterinarian, but specifically refers to one that spays or neuters cats.

[/li][li] Fresh-kill - A dead prey animal caught for the purpose of consumption.

[/li][li] Gathering - The monthly meeting of the Clan held at places assigned as zones of truce when the moon is full.

[/li][li] Greenleaf Twolegplace - A place only frequented by humans during summer, such as a resort or camping spot.

[/li][li] Halfbridge - A dock.

[/li][li] Horseplace - A horse ranch or stables.

[/li][li] Monster - A vehicle operated by humans. Examples include cars, trucks, tractors, and ATVs.

[/li][li] Moonpool - The place at the Lake where Medicine Cats and Leaders share dreams with StarClan.

[/li][li] Moonstone - The place in the Forest where Medicine Cats and Leaders share dreams with StarClan.

[/li][li] Sharing Tongues - Cats of the same Clan grooming each other, while sharing the latest gossip. A cat lies, talking, while the other licks their fur.

[/li][li] Silverpelt - The large swath of stars in the sky (believed in random to be the Milky Way). These stars are a direct representation of StarClan.

[/li][li] Thunderpath - A road.

[/li][li] Twoleg - A human.

[/li][li] Twoleg kit - A human child.

[/li][li] Twoleg nest - A human's house.

[/li][li] Twolegplace - A human-built town.

[/li][li] No-Furs - Another name for Twolegs.

[/li][li] Upwalkers- Yet another name for Twolegs

[/li][li] Kittenstep - Less than an inch

[/li][li] Mouselength - About an inch

[/li][li] Taillength/Rabbitlength - About a foot

[/li][li] Foxlength - About a yard

Time Terms

[li] Newleaf - The season of spring.

[/li][li] Greenleaf - The season of summer.

[/li][li] Leaf-bare - The season of winter.

[/li][li] Leaf-fall - The season of autumn.

[/li][li] Moon - The time between one full moon and the next, spanning 28 days.

[/li][li] Moonhigh - The point during the night when the moon is highest in the sky; midnight.

[/li][li] Half-Moon- About two weeks, half a month.

[/li][li] Quarter-Moon- About a week.

[/li][li] Sunhigh - The point during the day when the sun is highest in the sky; noon.

Insults & Exclamations

[li] Crowfood - A (harsh) insult comparing the recipient to rotting prey animals.

[/li][li] Foxdung - A (harsh) insult comparing the recipient to fox feces. Also used as an exclamation (i.e.: That's foxdung!).

[/li][li] Hedgehogs will fly - An exclamation style statement (i.e.: That will happen when hedgehogs fly.) used in many variations.

[/li][li] You fight like a kittypet! - a expression used to make fun of a way someone fights.

[/li][li] You nearly frightened me out of my fur! - a exclamation meaning that a cat frightened another cat without them knowing they were there. The frightened cat says that due to the other cat surprising them rather mysteriously. Commonly used as an insult & exclamation at the same time.

[/li][li] Mouse-brain - A (friendly-harsh) insult. Severity of the insult is almost always decided by tone.

[/li][li] Mousedung - A (somewhat harsh) insult comparing the recipient to mouse feces. Also used as an exclamation (i.e.: Mousedung! That can't be right!). Somewhat like how we say "darn it!".

[/li][li] Fox-hearted - An insult meaning cruel, cold-hearted, or evil (i.e. fox-hearted Twolegs).

[/li][li] Sorry catches no prey - Means you can say sorry, but that will not undo what happened.

[/li][li] Bees in your brain - An exclamation style statement meaning a confused or a cat not making sense (i.e Have bees swarmed in your brain?).

[/li][li] I don't give a mousetail - An exclamation meaning that the cat does not care.