The ranking guides.

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the top of the Clan is the leader, whose name always ends with "-star".
This cat is usually the former deputy, who took over after the previous
leader died. In special cases, like those of Nightstar and Tigerstar,
non-deputies of the Clan can inherit the position of leader.

must commune with StarClan personally to receive their leader name and
the special gift to leaders from StarClan: nine lives. Every time a
leader is killed, StarClan heals the wound that killed them and returns
them to life. Sometimes, however, the wound is too grievous to heal, in
the case of Tigerstar. Tigerstar lost all of his nine lives at once. On
the night of the new moon, leaders travel to share dreams with StarClan.
Also, in some cases, as with Nightstar, cats who may not have been
chosen by StarClan may not receive their nine lives. Instead, they
remain with only one life.


below the leader is the deputy, who organizes minor things in the Clan,
such as patrols. The only requirement to become a deputy is to have
mentored at least one apprentice. The leader decides who the deputy
would be if the former deputy is killed, injured badly, starts expecting
kits (they would be queens and have to stay in the nursery), captured,
driven into exile, blinded, or some other thing that renders them unable
to do their tasks. The decision must be made before the moonhigh
(midnight) of the night of that deputy's resignation. Sometimes the
medicine cat of a Clan will receive a sign from StarClan saying who the
new deputy should be. The deputy is usually a senior warrior and
therefore is an experienced cat. The deputy is next in line to become
leader, should the current leader lose all nine of their lives.[/quote]


of the most respected cats in the Clan is the medicine cat, who not
only heals the cats of the Clan, but communicates with StarClan to
receive advice. Medicine cats seem to have their own code, much like the
warrior code. They walk closer with StarClan than even leaders, and
very few cats will argue with a medicine cat. Medicine cats are
forbidden to take mates or have kits, possibly because it could be a
distraction from their duties and because the path they follow has its
own rewards. It is possible that a tom who is a medicine cat could
father kits and keep it a secret, though it seems that neither gender of
medicine cat is an exception to the rule. A warrior who later becomes a
medicine cat is also forbidden from having any additional kits.

half-moon, medicine cats travel to share dreams with StarClan. They
also have to go to the Moonstone or Moonpool area. If for some reason
there is no Clan deputy to take over leadership after the current leader
is not with the Clan (i.e. Brokentail's exile with Blackfoot), the
medicine cat is allowed to ask StarClan who the new leader should be.[/quote]


are cats that do most of the work for the Clan, such as hunting,
patrolling borders, training apprentices, and discussing most gathering
matters. They are toms and she-cats who are not caring for kits.
Previously their names end with "-paw", but now changes to different
things such as body parts(tail, claw, fur, pelt), surroundings (pool,
stream), movement (flight), or weather (storm, frost) They hunt daily,
patrol borders, train apprentices, defend their Clan, and fight for
their Clan even at the cost of their own lives. Warriors follow the
warrior code, a set of laws put down by StarClan. A warrior is only
given one apprentice at a time, although they are permitted to train
other apprentices. For example, Brambleclaw took over Birchpaw's
training while his mentor, Ashfur, was recovering from a leg injury.

Usually, a cat's life is as follows: Tom: kit-apprentice-warrior-elder She-cat: kit-apprentice-warrior-(queen, maybe)-elder

warrior is the longest period of time in a Clan cat's life, unless they
are the medecine cat, the leader, or promoted to deputy.[/quote]


a kit reaches six moons old, they are apprenticed. Their name, which
formerly ended in "-kit", now ends with "-paw". They are assigned a
mentor, who can be a warrior, deputy, medicine cat (if the apprentice
plans to become the next medicine cat) or even the leader in rare cases
(Bluestar was Firestar's mentor, for instance). Apprentices also care
for the elders in their Clan. They are allowed to travel within Clan
territory with their mentor and are also allowed to go to the Gathering
at full-moons, if they are permitted by their leader or mentor.

several moons of training and a visit to Highstones (or the Moonpool
area), they are given a new name and proclaimed a warrior, unless they
were apprenticed to a medicine cat. With a medicine cat apprentice, they
can be given their full name, but they will still considered the
apprentice of the current medicine cat until they succeed their mentor.
This makes sense, as medicine cats have much more to learn than the
average warrior. When an apprentice receives their warrior name, their
first task is to stand guard over the camp all night without speaking a
word, though this rule is only inforced after a certain period in the
night. Medicine cats do not have to stand guard. It's unclear how long a
warrior's apprenticeship lasts, as the leader and mentor decide when
the apprentice is fit to receive their warrior name.[/quote]


are retired warriors, deputies, and medicine cats. They are very
respected and are cared for by apprentices or warriors if there are not
enough apprentices. Since they have retired, elders do not have any
specific duties, like warriors. Even so, they will make themselves
useful in the camp and defend their Clan in battle. A warrior becomes an
elder when they have reached an age where they cannot keep up with
warrior duties, or other reasons that force them to retire early, such
as failing sight or a serious injury(Longtail). For example, Brightheart
was to be sent to the elders' den because of her missing eye and
scarred face, which made it hard to see. Also, Cinderpaw would have been
sent to the elders' den if she had not become Yellowfang's apprentice.[/quote]


are she-cats expecting or nursing kits. They stay in the nursery until
their kits are apprenticed, and then return to being warriors. Queens
are not entirely restricted to the nursery or the camp. They are allowed
to go hunting and a queen may also take her kits out of camp for a
short while. A queen has the right to keep the identity of her kits'
father a secret, even from the leader or the kits themselves, as
Bluestar did with her kits, Stonefur and Mistyfoot. Goldenflower also
hid the identity of Brambleclaw and Tawnypelt's father, though she hid
from the two kits, not the Clan. Silverstream had planned to hide the
identity of Stormfur's and Feathertail's father before she died bearing


the lowest level are kits.Their name always ends in "-kit" These are
cats younger than six moons old. They are restricted due to their age
and are not permitted to leave the camp without parental supervision. It
is against the warrior code for kits to hunt. They have no duties in
the Clan, and spend most of their time playing with each other in mock
fights or they play alone with moss balls, leaves, or puddles. After
their sixth moon, a kit is made an apprentice, and given to a warrior to
mentor them. After Raggedstar's death (during Brokenstar's leadership
for before and most of Into the Wild), Brokenstar had ShadowClan's kits
begin their training at three moons of age, and he named them full
warriors at five moons.