You may think we have a lot of rules to follow but they are simple. Does your schools have lots of rules to follow? We its the same with us. We want our site to be good and safe and [protected from people who wish to abuse it, Hack it, or do any naughty things to it. Thats why we have kinda a lot of rules because we want you to have fun and be safe. ;)

General Rules & Regulations

The general rules for the site that you must follow at all times will be listed here. Below each one should be something like Result=_____. That is what you will be punished by if you break that rule.

**A reminder is nothing bad. It does not mean you're in trouble. It's just a... reminder. But excessive reminders will result in 1 warning**

3 warnings=1 week ban

5 warnings=2 week ban

7 warnings=1 month ban

10 warnings=2 month ban

15 warnings=Permanent ban

We will be keeping tabs on your warnings. ;)

1) The given - be kind to other members. They are really people sitting in front of a computer/laptop, typing up messages with real fingers. Sure, sometimes you might accidentally sting them, but we still expect you to at least apologize. If a fight breaks out, do it over PM. Once it gets out of hand, alert a mod.
Result=1 warning

2) Do not copy work that has been done by other folks, or claim it as your own. This is called stealing, and is very, very bad. How would you like it if someone saw your masterpiece story, copied it, and posted it on another website, claiming it as their own? Sure, it's the sincerest way of showing envy, but still... it feels bad. Just don't do it.
Result=1 week ban; possibly permanent

4) Please try to refrain from adult, racist, sexist, prejudiced, horror, or anything offending otherwise inappropriate content, including graphics, language, etc. There are children on this site.
Result=2 week-1 month ban; possibly permanent

5) Spamming and double-posting is strictly forbidden. Well, double-posting is somewhat okay if it's on accident. But please, please try your best not to. Spamming, well, I don't think you can do that on accident. Spam stands for Stupid.Pointless.Annoying.Messages, and no one wants any of that.
Result=2 week ban; possibly 1 month

6) Try not to swear/curse/cuss as much as possible. Again, there are children on this site, and some might be sensitive or unfamiliar with those words; and you can be teaching them bad things. >.> "Crap" is allowed, but don't use it if you don't absolutely need to.
Result=1 warning

7) The first part of the codeword is Warrior.

8) If you will be away and inactive for at least 3 days, please post in the "Going Away" board. Any member inactive for at least 2 weeks without warning will be deleted from the site. We might e-mail you a warning if needed, otherwise it will be without further attention.
Result=Account Deletion

9) No huge signatures and fonts, please. No larger than size 3, please.
Result=1 reminder; possibly 1 warning

10) Respect the mods and admins. They are here on this site to help you and let you have fun, and they earned that position. If you harras them or accuse them, or if you've spotted someone doing so, please PM me.
Result=1 month ban; possibly permanent

11) You are allowed a 6-7 month trial after your 7th month on the same exact day when you started as leader, you must stop being leader(this applies to Medicine Cat too;and you don't have to go up to that long)

12) And the last part of the Code word is: Cats

12) There will be some modifications due to the fact that people are cussing and being unnecessarily perverted in the cbox. We are a role playing site. There are younger people here, and we need to respect that. I have had several complaints, and for some it has pushed them to the brink of quitting. This modification will clear everything up and I'm sure the cussing will end, as will the perverted behavior. From now on, mods in the cbox, if you ever see someone cuss or be perverted, give them a warning by kicking the offender. Two warnings = a ban.