Role Playing Rules & Laws

  • No powerplaying (Powerplaying is a common thing forgotten, but you should always remember to not do this. Anyway though, powerplaying is when you take control of another person's cat. Then, you role-play with both cats you took over, and we do not want anyone to do that! It might make the person's cat you stole weaker, more powerfuler, a betrayer, etc. Here is an example of powerplaying:)

    Negative: The puissant tom-cat lead Windstriker (another persons) & Willowstone (another persons) to the vast river. As they were going over, Windstriker accidentally fell into a tunnel near the border to DuskClan! Willowstone hurried after him and caught him by his tail before he could fall down any longer. Lionheart (mine) caught up with Willowstone and heavied Windstriker along with her.
    "Sorry," Windstriker mewed "I guess I was being careless."
    Willowstone let out a mrrow of amusement while Lionheart flicked his tail across his nose. They all strated to pad along once again.

    That paragraph shows that Windstriker & Willowstone were being possed by me, when they were someone elses cats! This is what we do not want you to do. However, here is how it would be handled in a non-powerplaying form.

    Correct: Lionheart padded along with Windstriker & Willowstone, carefully watching the ground underneath him. He was showing the two cats where the vast river expanded not far away from DawnClan. It was also about time for fish to swim, so they might've time to catch a few fresh-kill for the Clan! The horizon unleashed a blazing reflection across his pelt, and it shined across the left side of the forest. Nothing really mattered though, he just wanted to finally show some of his Clanmates something he had found! Picking up the pace, he raced across the grass faster.

    In this paragraph, it showed absolutely NO sign of powerplaying. Thus, in the next paragraph, the Windstriker owner would then reply that HE made HIS cat fell into the ground. That would make it a perfect role-playing instead of putting it all into your own words! Next thing though.
  • No Godmoding (Godmoding is when you seem to be unpredictably invincible, and having extremely high powers. Thereupon, it makes it seem like you are God. Here is an example of such:)

    Negative: Blackstorm instantaneously dodged the quick & swift strike, and fiercely overcame Joltpelt's large body. Jumping across of her, he clawed at the she-cat's fur, and pin-pointed her across the neck.

    That is a very big godmodding, making seem as if Blackstorm could kill Joltpelt in less than 10 seconds. Do NOT do that! This is how it should've been like:

    Correct: Blackstorm received the hit onto his choleric eyes, and yowled out pained quietly. Padding across the sand, he jumped in midair onto the she-cat! His claws and teeth sank into the ginger-colored cat, making blood ooze on out. However, the massive body of Joltpelt knocked Blackstorm onto the ground. He gasped heavily for a second, and ran to Joltpelt once again.

    That is a correct role-play. Since you've understood what it means, you can go ahead and read the next rule.

    (P.S. I role-play better than that, I'm just lazy to put a good role-play right now.)
  • You may battle for other territories if your leader accepts your choice and so does your Clan. If you already did one then you have to wait at least 1 week to steal another territory or you will get banned.


We don't want you post only a little in one role-playing post. Like for example, this is extremely bad: "Nodding, she padded out." That is unexeptable! You should post at least 75 words in each role-play post, or more. That way, you can get to the habit of having more fun, instead of just sitting there and replying two words over and over. . . . You can enjoy yourself more once you get the habit of doing that! Main thing is, post at least 75 words in each role-playing post. That example sentence is also called a one-liner. Don't do those. . .


Spelling is the number one thing everyone has a problem with in role-playing, or even talking online in posts. . . . That's why we have Spell Check everyone! Whenever you want to make sure your post is correctly spelled, use the Spell Check button! That way, the computer will load up any words that it thinks it's wrong. However, if it's a name, fictional place, etc. it may think wrong so just ignore it. But keep on using it in order to improve your vocabulary and spelling.


Absolutely no chatspeak is allowed in role-playing!
Ex. "Y r u goin to sunset?" "Cuz i want too se y every1 likes it." That is completely unacceptable! You may do that when you are using the chat box, but you can not do that in any type posts.

Result=2 warnings

Overnumbered Battles

If you have only one cat in battle against 3 cats triple your size or more, surrender. . . . Do you really think a real life cat would stay? No cat could even win against 3 uninjured cats.

OOC Separations

Sometimes or usually, you will want to tell someone in a role-playing place something that's not role-playing. Because of that, we want you to use the parenthesis () in order to do that.
Ex. [Last sentence of paragraph]
Ending the conversation, she padded across the moor to home.

(Hey Bracken, I bet that your cat is so weak she wants to drown in the river )

That is an example of an OOC Seperation. Please do that when you want to.


Simply put as this, members may only have one high-ranked position. However, staff members are allowed to have two, but not the same ones.


You should always stick to each of your cats only being role-played in two or one location(s). If it leaves that place, you may go role-play somewhere else. No threes allowed!


Your female cat is now allowed to join somewhere being pregnant. Any cat that does will have their joining form deleted, their posts deleted, and you would get a warning.

Checking The Info. Box

Always remember to check the information box! It gets updted every day, and the weather always changes. So do not go out role-playing saying it's algid and snowing when it's blazing hot.

Killing Cats

You are not allowed to kill any cats in battles/wars without the owner of the cats permission. If you do so without asking, your cat will be deleted and removed.

Posting On Mating

Don't include details on how cats mate, no one wants to read that. Just include that your cat when to the other persons cat, and that's about it.


Keep your talking Clan-like, since when you read Warriors you don't see cats saying bad words or words like 'idiot.' You use furball, mousedung, and other cat talkings listed after this.

The End of Role-Playing Rules!