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Welcome to Warrior Cats RPG. We are a warrior cat role-play game, one of the first dating back from 2008. We pride ourselves on our friendliness, and our wiliness to have fun. A stiff role-play where everything is in a strict controlled manner? Definitely not us. We like to have fun, and make new friends whenever possible. Everything is peaceful, with no conflict or fights breaking out. Except, of course, in role-play, where things can get a little crazy. We are dedicated to make this the best RPG out there. Are you ready to join in?
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All deceased cats that have been loyal in their clan go here. StarClan are the Ancestors that watch over all the Clan Cats, seeing what they do. StarClan has unlimited room for cats, seeing as it spreads around the world.
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All evil cats that were from Clans are put in here. Unlike StarClan, this place has no lights whatsoever, but has Unlimited Area too.
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Clan Ancestors
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