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Welcome to Warrior Cats RPG. We are a warrior cat role-play game, one of the first dating back from 2008. We pride ourselves on our friendliness, and our wiliness to have fun. A stiff role-play where everything is in a strict controlled manner? Definitely not us. We like to have fun, and make new friends whenever possible. Everything is peaceful, with no conflict or fights breaking out. Except, of course, in role-play, where things can get a little crazy. We are dedicated to make this the best RPG out there. Are you ready to join in?
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WindClan camp is situated within a steep hill, and the high walls provide shelter from most weather, and predators. Tall grass, brush, and shrubbery provide a form of confinement. However, it is easy for any living cat to slip away because of the fern tunnel that leads to bare valley uplands. To their advantage, an old, decayed willow tree sits just above camp. It's long, thick branches provide a canopy from most birds and such looking for easy prey.
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WindClan territory mainly consists of tall grasses, boulders, and at times, ponds. Crows and rabbits flock their territory, leaving the WindClan cats to put their lean and agile bodies to good use out on the plains where there is endless hunting. Foxes have left abandoned caves on the outlands of their territory, and are the most popular predator to step paw on their land.
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