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Welcome to Warrior Cats RPG. We are a warrior cat role-play game, one of the first dating back from 2008. We pride ourselves on our friendliness, and our wiliness to have fun. A stiff role-play where everything is in a strict controlled manner? Definitely not us. We like to have fun, and make new friends whenever possible. Everything is peaceful, with no conflict or fights breaking out. Except, of course, in role-play, where things can get a little crazy. We are dedicated to make this the best RPG out there. Are you ready to join in?
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Settled in between a large depression of pine trees, ShadowClan camp lays. Ferns and other shrubbery keep it hidden within their leaves, making it immune to most predators, which is why ShadowClan doesn't have main predators settling on their land. A large tunnel made out of brush and vines leads to the outside of ShadowClan, where any cat could be protected, but only for a while.
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Mud and grass overhangs half of ShadowClan's land. It's liquid texture making half of ShadowClan's land unattractive. Ponds already diluted with mud and algae can be seen in some areas. Lucky for them, a large narrow stream cuts straight across their territory, filled with minnows and frogs; frogs have become another common dish for ShadowClan, mostly because of its mud and algae-filled ponds.
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