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Welcome to Warrior Cats RPG. We are a warrior cat role-play game, one of the first dating back from 2008. We pride ourselves on our friendliness, and our wiliness to have fun. A stiff role-play where everything is in a strict controlled manner? Definitely not us. We like to have fun, and make new friends whenever possible. Everything is peaceful, with no conflict or fights breaking out. Except, of course, in role-play, where things can get a little crazy. We are dedicated to make this the best RPG out there. Are you ready to join in?
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A vast castle stands its ground, with a loyal family inside. The family adores cats too, and would love to have any as their pet. The Castle is filled with kittypet food, toys, beds, rooms, views, and other things kittypets would enjoy.
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This is a vast open place, where two-legs roam in it. They have ginormous monsters that they use to cut down trees for their own use. You may come here to explore and hunt a few mice, but be careful.
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Two-Leg Place
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